ProkProkRolling Fork Farm

Grassfed BeefGrassfed Beef
Our beef cattle are selectively bred and culled based on their ability to perform and finish on our local grasses. Our steers and finish animals come from our own herd and live on our farm’s lush pasture until processing. They forage on grasses natural to Central Kentucky with supplemental hay in the winter. We utilize cutting-edge rotational grazing techniques promoting pasture and soil health and ensuring a low-stress, clean environment for the cattle with no antibiotics or hormones. These methods produce lean moderately marbled beef, high in flavor, tenderness and Omega 3 fatty acids. It is for sale by the quarter or half, with individual cuts available by request. Available fresh in late spring and fall, frozen year round.
We promise our beef is:
  • Healthy and raised in its natural state - grassfed
  • Raised in a stress-free environment
  • Free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Forage on natural and native grasses, grown without chemical fertilizers
  • Raised and sold locally by our family to yours

Pastured PoultryPastured Poultry
We raise chickens on our own green grass. They are raised in small groups in portable pens which ensure a new, sanitary, healthy environment each day. This eliminates the need for antibiotics and hormones, making our chickens naturally healthy and free of chemicals. They dine on a fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes and weeds daily - none of which receive chemical fertilizers. They have constant access to natural protein sources and are given locally grown and mixed feed. They are healthy, delicious, and we are proud to share them with your family. Available fresh April to October, frozen year round. We are pleased and proud to share our pastured chickens with you and your family.
We promise our chickens are:

  • Healthy, pastured chickens
  • Free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Raised in small groups in portable pens - ensuring a new, sanitary environment each day
  • Dine on a fresh salad bar of grasses, legumes, and weeds daily
  • Have constant access to natural protein sources - bugs, worms, and insects
  • Eat locally grown and mixed feed
  • Raised and sold locally - from our family to yours

Our Hampshire pigs and Tamworth pigs are raised alongside our other animals. Known in pork circles as the bacon pig, our Tamworth pork is extremely lean and raised on pasture with a minimum of feed inputs, a great natural choice.

We also raise a small number of classic farm breeds such as Hampshires and spotted hogs. These are raised in our hayshed where they compost the cattle bedding from the previous winter using the ‘pigaerator’ technique coined by Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm.

Acorn-finished Pork
Our Acorn-finished pigs finish in the autumn woodlands where they feast on acorns, hickories, walnuts, and roots, but just as importantly, they reinvigorate woodlands by reducing undergrowth, disturbing soils and adding organic material to the forest floor.

The same woodlands finishing techniques employed in Italy and Spain used to deliver world famous cured prosciutto and Jamon Serrano are used in a Kentucky hardwood forest to deliver an immensely flavorful pork.

Our pork is sold by the half or whole hog, as well as individual cuts.  Available frozen year round.

EggsFarm Fresh Eggs
Our laying hens are raised in a portable coop, moved every few days to give them fresh ground for picking. Eggs are available weekly on a preorder and first come, first serve basis from April to November.

TurkeyPastured Turkeys
Raised similar to our chickens, our turkeys are available during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. We raise Kentucky's heritage breed, the Bourbon Red, which we buy as poults from our friends at Windy Hills Family Farm in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  The Bourbon Reds are a lean, flavorful bird that we highly recommend.  We also raise the standard Broad Breasted White turkeys, they are large and offer enough white meat to feed even the largest family.

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